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Days of Grace: California Artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii
Karen Holmes and Sherrie Smith-Ferri

The year was 1901. Well-known artist Grace Hudson was on the verge of a nervous collapse from overwork. Her husband, John Hudson, had just been hired by Chicago's Field Columbian Museum to travel the backcountry of California, collecting artifacts from Native Americans living there. The couple set out in different directions: John to Chicago and Grace to Hawaii–where she was determined to recover her health, and zest for life. Both would examine their marriage in the eleven months whey were apart. In this richly illustrated and documented story, told for the first time, the authors recount Grace Hudson's experiences in the Islands during one of the most difficult, and rewarding, years of her life. Here readers will be introduced to other artists with whom Grace crossed paths, and meet the memorable individuals who befriended her. A complete portfolio of Hudson's 1901 work presents her lovely, and loving, portraits of the Hawaiian people. 144 pages in color. Available in softcover, and hardcover with slipcase. Published in 2014.

Hardcover: $65.00

Softcover: $24.95

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Aurelius O. Carpenter: Photographer of the Mendocino Frontier
Marvin A. Schenck, Karen Holmes, and Sherrie Smith-Ferri

Bumping along rutted dirt roads in a horse drawn wagon, an intrepid photographer named Aurelius O. Carpenter carted his camera equipment across the frontier of Northern California’s rural Mendocino County region. For nearly 40 years, beginning in the early 1870s, he documented the lives of Pomo Indians and white settlers; the coming of the railroad, logging and shipping industries; and the agricultural endeavors and natural beauties of this area. The first examination of Carpenter’s life and career, this book brings to life an important period of California history. 120 pages, includes some 100 duotone photographs drawn from the collections of the Grace Hudson Museum, softcover only. Published in 2006.

Softcover: $19.95

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Grace Hudson, Artist of the Pomo Indians: A Biography
Lucienne Lanson and Patricia Tetzlaff

This lavishly illustrated book chronicles the life and times of Grace Carpenter Hudson, daughter of Northern California pioneers and one of the West's most accomplished painters of Native Americans. Grace Hudson's story encompasses the westward movement in 19th-century America, the conflict between Indian peoples and white settlers, and the culture of the Pomo Indians of Northern California. Grace's more than 650 oil portraits of her Pomo Indian neighbors provide a unique contribution to Western art likely never to be equaled. Her stunning and realistic portrayal of Pomo children became her passion, caught the eye of the public, and made her a national celebrity by the age of 30. For more than 40 years, Grace and her husband, Dr. John Hudson, a physician and ethnographer, dedicated their lives to the study and preservation of the Pomo Indian culture. Extensive personal correspondence as well as previously unpublished photographs provides today's audience with new insight into the lives of this remarkable couple. 160 pages, 171 illustrations, softcover & hardcover. Published in 2006.

Hardcover: $39.95

Softcover: $24.95


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Grace Hudson, Artist of the Pomo Indians: A Fine Art Coloring Book
Patricia Tetzlaff

This fine art coloring book introduces art lovers of all ages to the life and times of artist Grace Carpenter Hudson. The 27 finely-rendered illustrations in this coloring book are based on Grace Hudson's paintings, Edward S. Curtis' Pomo Indian photographs, photos from the collections of the Grace Hudson Museum, and original drawings by the illustrator and author of this book, Patricia Tetzlaff. Softcover only. Published in 2006.

Softcover: $7.50

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The Painter Lady: Grace Carpenter Hudson
Searles R. Boynton D.D.S.

This book chronicles the life of Grace Carpenter Hudson (1865-1937), beginning with her childhood years and art education, and continuing on with her marriage and career. The book concludes with a catalogue raisonne (a listing of all her paintings in numerical order, often including a thumbnail photo for each piece). It is an excellent biography of a masterly woman painter and a must-have for any fine art collector. Available exclusively from the Grace Hudson Museum Store. 188 pages, color and black & white photos and illustrations, hardcover only. Published in 1978.

Hardcover: $35.00

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Frontier Feminist: Clarina Howard Nichols and the Politics of Motherhood
Marilyn S. Blackwell and Kristen T. Oertel

Despite her accomplishments and considerable respect from contemporaries such as Susan B. Anthony, Clarina Nichols has been largely overlooked by historians. Marilyn S. Blackwell and Kristen T. Oertel remedy this oversight and examine Nichols's important role in women's rights, antislavery, and westward expansion. In their comprehensive portrait, Blackwell and Oertel uncover the fascinating story of a complex woman while providing a window on pre-suffrage political engagement and the creation of public womanhood in the nineteenth century. 344 pages, black & white photos and illustrations, hardcover only. Published in 2010.

Hardcover: $39.95

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Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights
Diane Eickhoff

Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights brings to life the forgotten story of a great American reformer and the turbulent times in which she lived. Clarina Nichols (1810-1885) crisscrossed the country as a newspaper publisher, stump speaker, political agitator, and ally of mistreated women everywhere she went. In Revolutionary Heart, author Diane Eickhoff introduces readers to an inspiring figure they won't forget. 277 pages, black & white photos and illustrations, softcover only. Published in 2008.

Softcover: $14.95

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Circles of Life: Katsina Imagery on Hopi Wicker Basketry
Judith W. Finger and Andrew D. Finger

While the Hopi people are well known for their skill and artistry in creating ceramics, jewelry, and most especially, katsina dolls, little attention has been paid to Hopi wicker basketry, and even less to the use of katsina imagery on this medium. As the authors note, "Hopi wicker basketry plaques can be appreciated on many levels. Viewers can admire them as works of art and marvel at their makers’ talents. They can identify a katsina image and glimpse the integral part katsinam play in Hopi life. They can understand these plaques’ importance in sustaining Hopi traditions and the role they have played in Hopi and non-Hopi relations." 104 pages, more than 100 color images and black & white photos, softcover only. Published in 2006.

Softcover: $24.95

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Bwana, It's Myself: Haiku from a Lifetime of Thought and Travel
David Vilner

Ukiah resident David Vilner has spent a lifetime in travel, teaching, and helping others. In the course of his travels, he was drawn to the Japanese haiku style of poetry, in which he found a vehicle that suited him and allowed him to express his innermost feelings and thoughts. Focusing on his experiences in Kenya, Vermont, and California, Vilner views his life through the haiku form. He has generously donated all proceeds from the sale of Bwana, It's Myself to benefit the Grace Hudson Museum & Sun House. 213 pages, softcover only. Published in 2010.

Softcover: $14.95

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Pomo Basketmaking
Elsie Allen

This how-to book by famed Pomo Indian weaver Elsie Allen is a classic. Along with instructions on how to make different types of Pomo baskets, Mrs. Allen talks of her life and experiences growing up in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. 67 pages, with numerous black & white photos and illustrations, softcover only. Published in 1972, 2007 edition.

Softcover: $9.95

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Pomo Indian Basketry
Samuel A. Barrett

This volume provides the most complete and detailed information on Pomo Indian basketry of any book on the subject. First published in 1908, it is updated with an introduction by Grace Hudson Museum Director Sherrie Smith-Ferri that provides an historical context for Barrett's work. 276 pages, plus numerous plates, and black & white photos and illustrations, softcover only. Published in 1996.

Softcover: $30.00

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Remember Your Relations: The Elsie Allen Baskets, Family & Friends
Suzanne Abel-Vidor, Dot Brovarney, and Susan Billy

Remember Your Relations: The Elsie Allen Baskets, Family & Friends pays tribute not just to baskets but also to those who created them. Photographs and information about more than 30 identified and unidentified weavers, gives us an understanding of their lives, an insight into their relationships with each other, and a glimpse into the remarkable communities and culture from which they came. This book provides an introduction to those not familiar with Pomo basketry and inspiration to those already acquainted with this exceptional art. 128 pages, numerous color and black & white images, softcover only. Published in 1996.

Softcover: $20.00