Grace Carpenter Hudson inherited a legacy of determination, creativity, and vision from a long line of fascinating family members. On the Carpenter side, she could trace her lineage back to some of the earliest white settlers of New England, who arrived in Massachusetts from Great Britain in 1638. Ancestors included soldiers in the American War of Independence, a Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, one of the earliest American women's rights activists, and compatriots of revolutionary abolitionist, John Brown. Many in her family had a true pioneering spirit, migrating westward as the country expanded, settling regions and founding institutions along the way. Grace's husband, John Hudson, came from an old Southern family in Nashville, Tennessee. His conservative and traditional upbringing was in marked contrast to that of Grace's restless forebears. Be sure to visit the Norma and Evert Person Gallery at the Museum to learn more about the many remarkable individuals in the Carpenter-Hudson family.